The secret life of Long Ke Wan 浪茄灣

Long Ke Wan 浪茄灣 is a bay of great natural beauty in Sai Kung Country Park. It has an expansive sandy beach and its coastline forms part of the Hong Kong Geopark, with cliffs of hexagonal volcanic rock columns and sea caves — a beautiful setting for a couple of dives on a hot mid-autumn festival day.

long ke-134510

It had been over a year since I’d dived this site. Scuba Monster’s captain moored opposite the twin caves known as the ‘pig nose’ that can be seen in the picture. (And before you ask, no I did not go into the caves. I’m told they are shallow and rocky and it’s easy to get bashed against the rock due to the swell caused by water washing in and out.) Visibility was around five metres — enough not to feel too claustrophobic — and the 28 degree water with no thermocline made it the warmest dive of the year yet.

Underwater, we swam at a leisurely pace to take in the scenery and spot wildlife. In the deeper portion of the dives, scraggy boulders provided shelter for clouds of juvenile fish, clumps of reddish algae swayed back and forth and several cleaner wrasses were keeping busy. I spotted a school of snapper 笛鯛 with a black spot on the side, which could be one of two species occurring in Hong Kong: dory snapper or Russell’s snapper. We also came across a cluster of stripeys 細刺魚 and there were a lot of reddish cockerel wrasse 九棘高體盔魚 that I’ve noticed are abundant at some local dive sites and completely absent from others.

In the shallower parts, the rocks rose up in broad slopes and angles sparsely dotted with both soft and hard corals, and feather stars and sponges clung to the outcrops. We spotted a ‘false stonefish’ 毒擬鮋 that must have been a foot long  — the largest I’ve ever spotted here.

Long Ke Wan photo gallery — click on photos for more info

After two dives it was time for lunch on the upper deck of the boat while our gear dried in the sun. With warm water and fair visibility, it’s a good time of year to go diving. I hope these conditions continue for a few more weeks! For a similar dive at a nearby site, check out this post.

Dives 1 and 2: max depth 10 metres for 70 minutes (approx)

Post dive lunch: roast duck rice, veggies with preserved egg, omelette, and pasta salad

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  1. Lovely pics as usual, E. I dived Long Ke Tsai a while back and remember it being good for spotting various sea hares. Great site until all the pleasure boats turn up…

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